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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

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Cold Case Task Force

TCSO and the Task force members remain committed to searching for justice for all of these victims as well as their families.

TCSO Cold Cases

TCSO Cold Case Task Force seeks contact information for victim’s families

Members of TCSO’s Cold Case Task Force are asking for the public’s help in locating family members for dozens of unsolved cases.

“Family members are essential”, says TCSO Spokesperson Casey Roebuck. “The families are the ones these investigators are working to find answers for.”

The task force is taking a closer look at 26 unsolved cases from across Tulsa County. While investigators are in close contact with some of the victim’s families, contact information for other families is no longer current. Some of these cases are more than 30 years old and some of the family members may be deceased.

It’s important that additional relatives are found who can provide DNA samples and information about their family member.

Families are asked to contact Kimberly Nash by phone at (918) 596-5723 or by email at

Cold Cases - Victim and Case Information

The Cold Case Task Force is seeking family contacts for these cases:

Name Details Synopsis
Baker, Johnny
Reported as a Missing Person
on November 19, 2010
22700 West 21st Street
Tulsa, OK
On November 19, 2010, 66-year-old Johnny Baker was reported missing by his daughter at which time she found his abandoned vehicle west bound on I-244 and Memorial. On January 26, 2011, the body of Mr. Baker was found in a wooded area of Old Hwy. 51 at 22700 W. 21st St in Sand Springs. He was last seen checking on his rental properties and collecting rental payments.
Baldwin, Nola
Homicide occurred
on April 1, 1994
3415 E. 126th St. North
Collinsville, OK
On April 1, 1994, 32-year-old Nola Baldwin left her residence in Collinsville, OK to go get pizza for her children from a pizzeria in Collinsville. She was never heard from again after leaving her residence. On April 22, 1994, Ms. Baldwin’s vehicle, a 1992 Red Dodge Spirit, was located submerged in a pond at 12600 N. Harvard in North Tulsa County. Ms. Baldwin’s deceased body was found inside the car after being pulled from the pond. The Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide.
Barrett, Rebekah L.
Homicide occurred
on April 23, 1995
Collinsville, OK
On April 23, 1995, 18-year-old Rebekah Barrett was the victim of an apparent hit-and-run. She later succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.
Boxley, Tyrone
Homicide occurred
on May 30, 2003
Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK
On May 30, 2003, 24-year-old Tyrone Boxley was taken to Tulsa Regional Medical Center where he passed away as a result of injuries he sustained in a drive by shooting on Skelly Drive in Tulsa. The suspects were driving a black vehicle.
Colley, Rebecca
Assault occurred
on November 1, 1990
M&J Club, 3800 Hwy. 51
Sand Springs, OK
Rebecca Colley, 24-year-old female, was visiting the M&J Club at 3800 Hwy. 51 in Sand Springs on November 1, 1990 when she was assaulted by three females in the parking lot. Ms. Colley died approximately one month later at St. Francis Hospital due to her injuries.
Dean, Dena Ann
Abduction occurred
on June 6, 1998
2800 Block of South 49th W. Ave.
Tulsa, OK
At approximately 9:00pm on June 6, 1998, 16-year-old Dena Dean left from work at the Marvins Food Store in the Town West Shopping Center, at 5616 W. Skelly Drive. She was never heard from again. Dena’s vehicle was discovered in the parking lot of the Marvins Food Store. On June 12, 1998, Dean’s decomposed body was located in a field, near a pond approximately two miles North of Town West near 51st Street South and 49th West Avenue. The Tulsa Medical Examiner ruled the manner of death as homicide.
Dickerson, DeAndre
Homicide occurred
on January 30, 2011
6002 N. Utica Avenue
Tulsa, OK
On January 30, 2011, while driving down North Utica Ave 27-year-old DeAndre Dickerson was the victim of a drive by shooting at 6002 N. Utica Ave. . The victim was driving a red 2004 Oldsmobile Alero.
Eddington, Edgar
Homicide occurred
on February 5, 1997
7100 North Yale
Tulsa, OK
On February 5, 1997, 51-year-old Edgar Eddington was found brutally beaten in his home at 7100 N. Yale by his wife. Mr. Eddington was involved with Pit Bull weight pulling and he made custom harnesses for the dogs.
Gonzales, Jose
Homicide occurred
on January 8, 1997
6017 S. 59th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK
On January 8, 1997, 38-year-old Jose Gonzales was shot in his home at 6017 S. 59th West Ave. in an apparent home robbery.
Johnson, Alonzo
Homicide occurred
on October 7, 1999
East of Keystone Dam,
on Old Hwy 51
On October 7, 1999, 21 year old Alonzo Johnson’s body was found 7/10 mile east of Keystone Dam on Old Hwy 51.
Ledbetter, Lisa Ann
Homicide occurred
on September 24, 1984
3300 S. 29th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK
24-year-old Lisa Ledbetter was last seen alive around midnight on September 24, 1984, at Jake and Elwood’s Tavern located in the 5800 block of South Peoria, in Tulsa. Ledbetter’s body was discovered the following morning in a field near 3300 S. 29th West Ave., which is the roadway leading up to the Channel 8 Studios. The State Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death as homicide; with the cause of death being stab wounds to the body.
Marshall, Kenneth S.
Homicide occurred
on April 8, 1995
5800 North Memorial
Tulsa, OK
On April 8, 1995, 40-year-old Kenneth Marshall’s body was found dumped on the side of the road at 5800 North Memorial.
Martin, Thomas
Reported as missing person
on June 28, 2013
1200 S. 49th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK
On June 28, 2013, 71-year-old Thomas Martin was reported missing by his son. On January 27, 2013 Thomas Martin’s remains were found at approximately 1200 S. 49th W. Ave. next to the river, with a gunshot wound to the head. Foul play is suspected.
McVey, Kim
Homicide occurred
on May 23, 1992
9600 N. Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK
On May 23, 1992 Ms. McVey’s body was found at 9600 N. Memorial Dr. behind a partially constructed building. Ms. McVey died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.
Miller, Christine
Homicide occurred
on January 2, 1989
16100 W. Wekiwa Rd.
Sand Springs, OK
On January 2, 1989 human remains were discovered in the area of 16100 W. Wekiwa Rd. Sand Springs, OK. Discovered with the remains were one white sandal and remnants of a women’s blue blouse with white polka dots, and a white skirt. Also discovered on the left hand were two rings a silver ring with a triangular turquoise design encircling the ring, and a silver ring decorated with braided wire.
Moore, Martha
Homicide occurred
on May 14, 1999
On May 14, 1999, 30-year-old Martha Moore was shot at a residence in a reported home invasion.
Parnosky, Lewis Douglas
Homicide occurred
before September 12, 2004
8500 Block of East 56th St. North
Tulsa, OK

On September 12, 2004 the body of Lewis Douglas Parnosky was discovered under the Bird Creek bridge at 8500 E. 56th St. North in Tulsa, OK. Since that time, detectives have received no leads in the case. It is believed that Parnosky was killed on August 26, 2004 in another location, perhaps in the city of Tulsa and dumped where his body was later found. Parnosky was known to frequent the Northridge Shopping Center at 5300 North Peoria Ave Tulsa, OK.
Riles, Greta
Homicide occurred
in the period of 1986 to 1992
5800 North Harvard Ave.
Tulsa, OK

On December 9, 1992 a hunter located skeletal remains at 5800 N. Harvard Ave in Tulsa, Ok. Located with the remains were a hair net and a “seashell” styled hair clip. The Medical Examiner's Office determined the victim to be an African American female between 18 to 26 years old at the time of her death. She was 5'0" TO 5'5" tall and had not delivered any children. The Medical Examiner estimated that the death had occurred sometime between one to six years before the remains were discovered. The manner of death was classified as unknown.
Roberts, Russell Lee
Homicide occurred
On July 14, 2000
1539 E. 56th St. North
Tulsa, OK

On July 14, 2000 the body of 45-year-old Russell Lee Roberts was discovered in his residence located at 1539 E. 56th St. North. Roberts appeared to have been shot and killed during an apparent home invasion and robbery. Evidence suggests that no forced entry was made into the home and that Roberts may have known his killer. Roberts was perceived as being a loner by those who lived in the area.
Sanseverino, Todd W.
Homicide occurred
On July 20, 1997
500 North Franklin
Sand Springs, OK

On July 20, 1997, 32-year-old Todd Sanseverino was shot while visiting an acquaintance at 500 North Franklin, in Sand Springs.
Stebens, Lee Gene
Homicide occurred
Before June 29, 1991
2600 block of West 158th St. South
Tulsa, OK

Human remains were found on June 29, 1991 at the 2600 block of West 158th Street South. The remains were later identified as those of 13-year-old Lee Gene Stebens. The young man was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and gray slacks as well as multiple red and orange friendship bracelets.
Stringer, Paula
Homicide occurred
October 7, 1982
1/4 mile south of Old Hwy 64, at approximately 161st West Ave.

17-year-old Paula Stringer’s body was found on October 7, 1982, 1/4 mile south of Old Hwy 64, at approximately 161st West Ave.
Williams, Tony Bernard
Homicide occurred
On December 4, 2005
200 block of East 66th St. North
Tulsa, OK

On December 04, 2005, the body of Tony Bernard Williams was discovered in the rear seat of a blue four-door older model Chevrolet Caprice parked on the side of the road on East 66th street North and North Cincinnati Ave. in Tulsa County. It appeared that he had been beaten and shot. Williams was a carpenter working on rental properties in the north Tulsa area. Detectives believe Williams may have been killed at another location and his body left at this location.
Wilson, Frederick
Homicide occurred
April 22, 2008
4000 block of West 45th St.
Tulsa, OK

On April 22, 2008, Frederick Wilson and his girlfriend were at their residence in West Tulsa County. At approximately midnight two intruders donning masks entered the residence at the 4000 Block of West 45th St. During the robbery both victims were bound and before leaving the residence Wilson was shot and killed. The suspects in this case were described as two black males; one wearing brown work boots and the other suspect was soft-spoken with braids.
Woodson, Veda
Homicide occurred
July 26, 1973
8800 N. Cincinnati Ave.
Tulsa, OK

On July 26, 1973 at 01:00am 38-year-old Veda Woodson left her janitorial job at First National Bank in Tulsa, heading for her residence in Sperry, Ok. At 02:00 AM Woodson’s vehicle, a 1958 Chevrolet was found by Sperry Police at 8800 N. Cincinnati with the lights on and the driver’s door open. Woodson’s body was found in a nearby field.

Task Force Background Information

In June of 2016, Sheriff Regalado created the TCSO Cold Case Task Force. The Cold Case Task Force has some of the most experienced homicide detectives in Northeast Oklahoma, and several other experts in their field. These highly skilled individuals are known nationally and internationally for their expertise in their field.

Each of the task force team members have volunteered their time and expertise to take a fresh look at the case files and prioritize them in terms of solvability. They are looking for evidence that could potentially be tested using new technology and witnesses that could be re-interviewed. Their hope is that they will be able to bring closure and justice for the victims’ families.

The unit focuses its resources on those cases with the highest probability of being solved with fresh leads and new forensic technologies. In many cases, biological evidence is still present allowing recent advances in DNA testing to bring those responsible to justice.

The truth about each case is out there; someone knows who committed the murder.

The TCSO Cold Case Task Force Mission Statement:

“To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves by seeking answers and justice for victims and their families”.

Task Force Roster

The task force leader, Mike Huff, founded the International Association of Cold Case Investigators, an agency that will be helping the task force. Other agencies and groups that will be providing assistance are the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, Crime Prevention Network, NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System), Family and Children’s Services and Trimble, a California based technology company. (Visit Trimble's website here). The company will provide technology consulting for the task force. Trimble hopes new technology could produce leads in some of TCSO’s oldest investigations.

Richard Walter, a world renowned Crime Assessment Expert from OSU’s School of Forensic Science Center, will offer his assistance as an expert in the analysis of violent crime.

There are 26 cases that Sheriff Regalado asked the task force to review. Since the task force formation Task Force members have volunteered countless hours and have made progress in the Dean investigation as well as others. The most notable accomplishment was the identification of an unknown female’s remains that were discovered in rural Tulsa County in December of 1992, as Greta L Riles.

Cold Case Files logo

TCSO Cold Case Task Force personnel:

The task force needs your help!

If you believe you have information that might help solve one of these cases, then contact Kimberly Nash using the information provided above. There is NOTHING that is too minor to share. NOTHING is too trivial. Call when you realize that you have something to offer.

You may also provide information through CRIMESTOPPERS at (918) 596-COPS (2677).


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