The Tulsa County Sheriff is ordered to sell foreclosed properties.

The foreclosed property sales are held on Tuesdays at 10:00 A.M. in Room 119 of the Tulsa County Courthouse Administration Building. The properties are not sold in any particular order.

The foreclosed property sale list is updated on Thursday afternoon.

Recalls must be filed with the Sheriff Office before the start of the sale to prevent the sale of a property.

When the courthouse is unexpectedly closed (weather etc.), all sales for that date, will be re-scheduled at a later date.

The Sale of foreclosed properties are open auctions and anyone can bid. Starting bids cannot be less than two-thirds of the appraised value. Bidding must be in increments of $100.00 dollars or more.

The successful bidder will be asked to provide identification and a phone number at the time of sale.

The successful bidder must have a cashiers check payable to Tulsa County Court Clerk for 10% of the bid price in the Sheriff’s Office by 11:00AM the following day.

The remaining 90% is due upon confirmation of the sale (approx. 3 weeks after the date of sale).

Foreclosed properties may be occupied, for information about the property you may contact the plaintiff's attorney listed on the foreclosed property sale list.

For additional Information:

SHERIFF’S OFFICE: Civil Desk (596-5663) Or E Mail

COUNTY COURT CLERK: Civil Court Clerk (596-5430)