TCSO Awards

Kyle Hess - Deputy of the Year

The dedication Corporal Kyle Hess has to the Tulsa County Sheriff Office approaches the same level of excellence he has shown as a supervisor. Stability, calmness and experience are just some of the qualities he brings to any unit he is assigned. Corporal Hess is currently with the Criminal Investigations Unit and was acting supervisor during a horrific home invasion/homicide in December of 2012. Shortly after midnight on December 18, 2012, TCSO patrolmen responded to a call in south Tulsa at the request of a local police department. Corporal Hess was then notified that our office had been asked to assist in processing the scene and the crime. Upon arrival at the location, our office was then requested to assume responsibility of the case and manage the investigation.
Corporal Hess went to work delegating assignments and updating his supervisors on the progress of the investigation, as well as handling the flood of media calls and inquiries. Corporal Hess determined that additional investigators were needed in order to assist with the interview process. After speaking with neighbors and businesses in the immediate area, they were able to confirm that one of the vehicles from the crime scene had been stolen. Upon completion of the interviews, Hess was in the process of releasing the scene when a call came in that changed the course of the investigation. The caller gave a location where, he stated, he had found some items containing the homeowners’ phone number and personal articles, which appeared to be stolen. Corporal Hess immediately sent every available investigator to that address and alerted the local police department with jurisdiction. With the help of the local authorities, the stolen vehicle was soon located and apprehended by our investigators. The three males who occupied the stolen vehicle were taken into custody and transported to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office for questioning. It was determined from the interviews that the suspect involved in the home invasion/homicide had been apprehended. The suspect was arrested, transported to our Detention Facility and booked into jail. What made this case unique was the fact that it was solved within thirteen hours of the initial call. The first forth-eighty hours are the most crucial in a typical "who-done-it" investigation. Corporal Hess’ decisions clearly show the maturity and experience needed to manage a multijurisdictional scene. His leadership and the notable support of the investigation team were the key to a successful conclusion in this case.

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