Citizen Comments

Options for completing a Personnel Comment form

There are two ways to submit information to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office regarding our personnel. You can complete the information on-line and submit the information electronically. Or, you can manually complete the form and return it to us by mail or in person at the address provided below.. 

Complete the form on-line.

Citizen Comment Form in English

Citizen Comment Form in Spanish

Get a hardcopy of the form to complete manually using one of the two methods listed.

1. Download the form.

You may download the form in English or Spanish.

Download the form in English

Download the form in Spanish

Return the form to us at the address given below. Retain a copy for yourself.

2. Get the form at our facility located at 303 W 1st Street, in Tulsa.

When you arrive, go to the front desk. You have the option of picking up the comment form and taking it with you to be filled out later. Or, you may request to speak with someone.

Citizen's comments about Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office employees will be taken by our Internal Affairs officer or a supervisor. If neither is available, any TCSO employee can receive the information. Whoever you speak with will listen to your information and assist you with completing the proper form.

Provide as much detail as possible when completing the form.

Retain a copy of the completed form for your own records.

When it has been completed, return it to:

Tulsa County Sheriff’s

Office Internal Affairs Unit

303 W 1st Street

Tulsa, OK 74103

Print this information 

For more information, please call 596-5601.