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In each Homicide case the victim can no longer speak for themselves. We must act as their voice, seeking justice on their behalf. The truth about each case is out there; someone knows who committed Murder. Detectives need your help to solve these cases. If you have any information please contact the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit.
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Victim Lisa Ann Ledbetter
Case # 84-H-06
Date 09/25/1984
Synopsis Twenty four year old Lisa Ledbetter was last seen alive around midnight on Sept. 24, 1984, at Jake and Elwood’s Tavern located in the 5800 block of South Peoria, in Tulsa. Ledbetter’s body was discovered the following morning in a field near 3300 South 29 West ave. Known locally as “Channel 8 hill”. She was stabbed multiple times. Lisa’s case remains unsolved.
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