TCSO Reserves

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy Program is a vital part of the Sheriff’s Office. The purpose of the TCSO Reserve Deputy Program is to provide trained civilian volunteers to augment the manpower of the Sheriff's Office. Reserve deputies work in all areas of TCSO, as well as at many special events throughout the year. These dedicated reserve deputies work full time jobs in the community and volunteer their time in a myriad of events such as the Special Olympics and Tulsa State Fair.

The Reserve Deputy Program has allowed the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office to build a better relationship with the community by allowing citizens to participate in the daily operations of the Sheriff's Office.

Request for Reserve Deputy Assistance
Qualified groups and entities may request the assistance of TCSO Reserve Deputies by contacting either the Reserve Coordinator or the Reserve Supervisor.

Contact the Reserves support staff at these numbers:
Reserve Supervisor– Paula Hite (918) 596-5612
Reserve Coordinator – Wayne Pauley(918) 596-5631

Requests must be received 30 days in advance of the event to allow time for consideration by the Sheriff or his designee, and if approved, for recruitment of reserve deputies. In case of a conflict, the needs of the Sheriff’s Office must take precedence over any other events which might be scheduled.

Information required to schedule Reserve assistance is:

• Organization’s name,
• Name, phone and email address of a contact person,
• The number of deputies required,
• If there is any special equipment that needs to be provided.
• The date(s) and time(s) when TCSO Reserve deputy support will be required.