Chief Deputy Michelle Robinette

TCSO Start Date: July 1, 1995
Law Enforcement History:
1995 to Present – Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Chief Deputy Michelle Robinette began her career at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office in July of 1995, advancing through the ranks and working in almost every department within the Office. From policy writing and process development, supervising court deputies and patrol operations, to creating and implementing new programs and projects for the Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Robinette has gained experience and expertise in all areas of law enforcement.

In 1997, then a Corporal, Chief Deputy Robinette served as a member of the Transition Team that had been tasked with the design and implementation of a new jail, which is now known as the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. While on the Transition Team, Robinette was tasked with creating the appropriate interpretation of inmate management philosophy of Direct Supervision, develop training and conduct rigorous training classes for the paradigm shift that would occur with the new facility. Before construction was finished, the Transition Team was disbanded and the completion of construction, as well as the operation of the new jail, was given to a private organization.

In 2005, as a Captain, Chief Deputy Robinette again served on a Transition Team for the Sheriff’s Office. This time, she was assigned as the supervisor and tasked with taking over the operation of the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. Within a three month time frame, the transition team wrote policy, developed procedures and put post orders in place for daily operations of the facility, as well as interviewed and hired over 300 potential new employees. Once the transition was complete, Chief Deputy Robinette served as the Administrative Captive to the Jail Administrator, covering shifts, trouble shooting and implementing various changes and adaptations to policy, procedures and overall operations of the facility.

In 2008, Michelle was promoted to Chief Deputy and assigned as the Detention Chief Deputy, returning as Jail Administrator to oversee the daily operations of the jail that she originally helped design and build and later transitioned into.

In 2014, Chief Deputy Robinette once again began serving on the Sheriff’s Transition Team to oversee the design and construction of the new mental health housing unit additions to the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. As part of the new housing units, the team is also tasked with creating a diversionary program for individuals suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

In 2016, Chief Deputy Robinette stepped into the roll as Undersheriff and became the Acting Sheriff of Tulsa County.

Due to her knowledge on policy and procedure, detention functions and the inner workings of law enforcement, Chief Deputy Robinette has obtained numerous credentials to include Certified Corrections Executive through the American Correctional Association and Certified Jail Manager through the American Jail Association. Chief Deputy Robinette also works on a National level with organizations such as the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies as an Assessor and the American Correctional Association as an Auditor for detention facilities. Most recently, Chief Deputy Robinette completed the process to become a certified PREA Auditor for the Department of Justice.

Chief Deputy Robinette has attended many hours of training and executive level seminars such as the Executive Excellence course offered by the National Institute of Corrections, the Developing Executive Leaders in Law Enforcement offered by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, and the School of Police Supervision, hosted by Institute for Law Enforcement Administration. Chief Deputy Robinette holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and is a proud graduate of the 248th Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy.