TCSO Staff

TCSO Organization Chart


The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining law and order within the borders of Tulsa County.

He commands a full service agency that includes detention, court services and operations divisions; total employed by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is well over 500 people.

TCSO Start Date: January 1, 1989

Law Enforcement History:
1989 to Present – Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
1966 to 1989 – Tulsa Police Department

Sheriff Stanley Glanz  

The Undersheriff commands daily operations, and oversees the Internal Affairs unit and special events.

TCSO Start Date: May 1, 2008

Law Enforcement History:
2008 to Present – Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
2007-2008 – Department of Homeland Security
Fusion Center, OKC
1972-2007 – Tulsa Police Department

Undersheriff Richard Weigel  
Chief Deputy
Project Design and Development

Chief Robinette is serving on the Transition Team to oversee the design and construction of additions to the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center.

TCSO Start Date: July 1, 1995

Law Enforcement History:
1995 to Present – Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Chief Deputy Michelle Robinette