TCSO Awards

Kyle Hess - Deputy of the Year

The dedication Corporal Kyle Hess has to the Tulsa County Sheriff Office approaches the same level of excellence he has shown as a supervisor. Stability, calmness and experience are just some of the qualities he brings to any unit he is assigned. Corporal Hess is currently with the Criminal Investigations Unit and was acting supervisor during a horrific home invasion/homicide in December of 2012. Shortly after midnight on December 18, 2012, TCSO patrolmen responded to a call in south Tulsa at the request of a local police department. Corporal Hess was then notified that our office had been asked to assist in processing the scene and the crime. Upon arrival at the location, our office was then requested to assume responsibility of the case and manage the investigation.
Corporal Hess went to work delegating assignments and updating his supervisors on the progress of the investigation, as well as handling the flood of media calls and inquiries. Corporal Hess determined that additional investigators were needed in order to assist with the interview process. After speaking with neighbors and businesses in the immediate area, they were able to confirm that one of the vehicles from the crime scene had been stolen. Upon completion of the interviews, Hess was in the process of releasing the scene when a call came in that changed the course of the investigation. The caller gave a location where, he stated, he had found some items containing the homeowners’ phone number and personal articles, which appeared to be stolen. Corporal Hess immediately sent every available investigator to that address and alerted the local police department with jurisdiction. With the help of the local authorities, the stolen vehicle was soon located and apprehended by our investigators. The three males who occupied the stolen vehicle were taken into custody and transported to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office for questioning. It was determined from the interviews that the suspect involved in the home invasion/homicide had been apprehended. The suspect was arrested, transported to our Detention Facility and booked into jail. What made this case unique was the fact that it was solved within thirteen hours of the initial call. The first forth-eighty hours are the most crucial in a typical "who-done-it" investigation. Corporal Hess’ decisions clearly show the maturity and experience needed to manage a multijurisdictional scene. His leadership and the notable support of the investigation team were the key to a successful conclusion in this case.

Former Recipients

David Jobe - Reserve Deputy of the Year

David Jobe has been an outstanding asset and true friend to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program. Reserve officers are called upon to assist in the many diverse sectors within the Sheriff’s Office; David logged a total of 422 hours during 2012 working in several of them. Many of our Reserves volunteer their time in one particular area or another, but very few contribute in as many different capacities as David Jobe. He is always one of the first to volunteer for those assignments that might not be as popular or adventurous. David is viewed as an important asset on patrol because of his ability to answer calls, take reports and assist other deputies. He often assists the evening shift patrol when they are short-handed and is consistent in his commitment to our community obligations.
Our supervisors can always rely on him for help with annual events such as the Shrine Circus, Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, Citizens’ Academy and our largest one of all, the Tulsa State Fair. Special assignments such as Santa’s Helpers, Jail Shakedowns and the Reserve Academy are some of the extended areas in which Reserve Deputy Jobe will always volunteer his time.

The Reserve Office supervisors have worked alongside David many times and observed his interaction with our community and other law enforcement officers. His outstanding attitude has made a positive impact on the reputation of our office and law enforcement as a whole. He is a shining example of what a peace officer should represent to the public. Our office feels very fortunate to have Reserve Deputy Jobe as one of our own.

Former Recipients

Roy Heim - Citizen of the Year

Roy Heim retired from the Tulsa Police Department in 2003 after a thirty-three year law enforcement career. The Townwest and Southside Sertoma Clubs have sponsored the Tulsa Area Law Enforcement Awards since 1989. They select the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Deputy of the Year, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year and the Tulsa Emergency Telecommunicator of the Year. Roy has chaired this awards committee since its inception in 1988. He has acted as Master of Ceremonies for the annual banquets, recruited the banquet speakers, gathered the nominations and presented them to the club for voting, coordinated the list of attendees and worked with the caterers on meal set up and, for the first several years, designed the banquet programs.
We are fortunate to have someone like Roy who recognizes the outstanding efforts of law enforcement individuals. His ongoing commitment to honor fellow officers for their dedication to our citizens and community is immensely appreciated.

Deputy of the Year

Former Recipients
1988 Deputy Lyndall Cole
1989 Deputy Harry 'Red' Wakefield
1990 Deputy Keaton Littlefield
1991 Deputy Bill Purifoy
1992 Deputy Dan Fritz
1993 Deputy Herb Calvert
1994 Deputy Kirk Mercer
1995 Deputy Phillip Cervantes
1996 Deputy Mark Stevens
1997 Deputy Ron Brasel
1998 Deputy Garland Thompson
1999 Sergeant Sherri Carrier
2000 Deputy Randy Chapman
2001 Deputy Tim Wilkens
2002 Sergeant Billy Dobbs
2003 Deputy Jeremy Yerton
2004 Sergeant Rick Treadwell
2005 Deputy Jack Reusser
2006 Deputy Will Ramsey
2007 Sergeant Robbie Lillard
2008 Sergeant Bob Darby
2009 Deputy Lance Ramsey
2010 Deputy Stacie Holloway
2011 Deputy Marlin Warren

Reserve Deputy of the Year

Former Recipients
1996 Reserve Deputy Bob Wallack
1997 Reserve Deputy Duane Helling
1998 Reserve Deputy David Myers
1999 Reserve Deputy James Land
2000 Reserve Deputy Catherine Curtin
2001 Reserve Deputy Lee Butcher
2002 Reserve Deputy Tom Payne
2003 Reserve Deputy David Stone
2004 Reserve Deputy Darrell Moody
2005 Reserve Deputy Jim Wolfe
2006 Reserve Deputy Richard England
2007 Reserve Deputy Robert McKim
2008 Reserve Deputy Joe Walker
2009 Reserve Deputy Frank Daggs
2010 Reserve Deputy Ed Wheeler
2011 Reserve Deputy Robert Bates